Exciting news - New leader at DeLaSalle

Dear Students & Families –

We have some exciting news to share with you, our incredible students and committed families.

As you know, DeLaSalle Education Center is committed to serving students in a high school setting where personalized education, holistic services and workforce development are all incorporated to benefit our students. Although the school has faced significant challenges over the last couple of years, we are making steady progress toward better finances, more efficient operations and most importantly, developing a new college prep and career-focused academic curriculum.

Our progress to date is in large part due to the steadfast leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Ann Sanders. Dr. Sanders and her team have worked diligently with the new Board of Directors and our philanthropic partners to ensure DeLaSalle remains a viable education choice for Kansas City students. In fact, in the next several weeks we hope to unveil two, new model classrooms with student-friendly furniture and characteristics that support and promote high levels of student engagement and learning. Throughout the remainder of this school year, our goal is to gather student and teacher feedback as each group uses and interacts with these rooms. We cannot thank Dr. Sanders enough for her grace, wisdom and strength during the last two years and we are grateful she will continue to consult with the school leadership as we move forward.

As we continue to work with students, families and other important stakeholders in designing a new college and career-readiness curriculum, what we often refer to as DeLaSalle 2.0, the Board is very pleased to announce that we have selected a new Executive Director to implement these changes. Mr. Sean Stalling, an experienced school leader from the Chicago area, will transition over the summer, working closely with Dr. Sanders, and shepherd in a new era of college and career-readiness success for DeLaSalle students.

Mr. Stalling is currently a principal on the south side of Chicago and has professional experience working for the Chicago Public School District as well as leading public and parochial schools. His career includes leading schools located in the urban core, transforming schools to improve academic performance, reducing budget deficits and implementing career-readiness tracts and college prep rigor to prepare students for immediate success after high school. For instance, at Holy Angels Catholic School, Mr. Stalling was able to increase enrollment by 133% and reduce their budget deficit by $200,000 over a two- year period. In his role as Chief of Schools supervising 17 high schools, Mr. Stalling’s freshman students increased their on-track graduation rates from 61% to 83% and scholarships awarded to students increased from $8.8 M to $24.9 M in three years.

Mr. Stalling will be meeting with the faculty and staff on March 5 and he will be holding meetings over the summer for students and families to get to know him and answer questions about the college and career-readiness curriculum and corresponding business partnerships for our students.

I hope you will take the opportunity to meet Mr. Stalling and offer your insight as we continue to build out an engaging and rigorous DeLaSalle 2.0 curriculum. It is an exciting time for our school community and we could not do this without your ongoing support and commitment.

Thank you for your support of the students and of the school. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at davidfieldoliver@gmail.com.


David Oliver

Chair, Board of Directors,

DeLaSalle Education Center

Pranav Nanda