Graduation Requirements

Our students work hard to earn their diploma. At DeLaSalle, students earn—and own—their successes. With our pass-pass system, there is no failure at DeLaSalle. Students master their course at 80% accuracy and will stay in the class until it’s completed.  If there is difficulty in completion, we intervene with different strategies until the student completes the course.

To graduate, students have to

Personalized Education

At DeLaSalle, we accept students as they come to us and we work with them where they are. Our goal: help each and every student achieve academic success.

To get there, we design a unique learning plan to help each student develop his or her literacy, writing, math, and career skills through individual and small group instruction. Our classes are small and rigorous, allowing our faculty to work one-on-one with students.

Academic Programs


Required of all new students, Discovery helps students develop age-appropriate life skills, build substance abuse prevention awareness, and develop strong communication skills. Students focus on team building, anger management, assertiveness training, problem solving, conflict resolution and vocational exploration/educational assessment.


Pathways gives DeLaSalle students an opportunity to experience college before actually enrolling in college. Eligible students can enroll at Metropolitan Community College at Penn Valley, while still enrolled in high school. Students are encouraged to remain enrolled in the Pathways program after graduating from DeLaSalle.

Through Pathways, students gain confidence, understand college expectations, and learn how college education or training improves their chances of increasing their lifetime earnings.


A computer-based accelerated credit recovery program, PLATO is designed for students who have mastered certain academic skills but may have previously lacked the seat-time required to earn credit. Students may earn credit in language arts, math, science, social studies, and more.

Senior Seminar

Required for graduation from DeLaSalle, our senior seminar helps students investigate their college and career options. Students learn how to complete job applications, they develop their resumes, and they participate in mock interviews with local businesspersons. Seniors also participate in life planning activities where they learn the basics of budgeting for the “real world” and develop a plan for their future. Community service is emphasized.

“I feel like I'm on top of the world now. I believe I can do anything I work hard at and set my mind to.”