Support Services

We offer more than classroom instruction—because that’s what our students need.

For many students, the barriers to academic success lie outside of what happens in the classroom. We help them address those challenges to their education through individual and group counseling, drug/alcohol treatment and prevention, teen parenting education, and early child development.

Provided onsite and woven into our students’ educational foundation, our therapeutic approach prepares our students for their future and for success.

Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles educates and encourages students to adopt healthier eating habits and increase their physical activity. Students learn about nutritional content of various foods, develop personalized eating plans, and engage in physical activities. Each year, the program sponsors a health fair.

Parent and Child Education Support (PACES)

The Parent and Child Education Support (P.A.C.E.S.) program at DeLaSalle seeks all Kansas City area teen parents.  If you have a child ages six weeks to three years and want to finish high school, DeLaSalle is an opportunity for you.  PACES provides early childhood programs for children to attend while teen parents seek their high school diploma from any school in Kansas City, MO.  We offer low teacher/child ratio, developmental screenings, parenting classes and trained staff. Space is limited.

Student Council

Student Council builds leaders by giving students an opportunity to build a learning community that is beneficial to the entire school.

Pupils Recovering Over Use of Drugs (PROUD)

DeLaSalle’s award-winning substance abuse prevention and treatment program PROUD offers critical services to prevent drug and alcohol abuse and help students who already face problems with substance abuse overcome their addiction.

Team of Care

Team of Care provides students with the support services they need to deal with anger management, depression, trauma, and other mental health needs. Services are private and confidential and the team, made up of three mental health therapists and a part-time child psychiatrist, offers continual guidance and support to students so that they can focus on learning.

“At DeLaSalle I know I am really making a difference in our students’ lives!”