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Please find links below to important resources. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your counselor.

TYLER Link for Students and Parents

Resources for Students

Student Handbook

DeLaSalle Student Handbook 17-18__Updated_11-14-2017

Technology Use Policy

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

College, Scholarship and Financial Aid
Hispanic Student scholarships

Career Inventories and Assessments

Missouri Connections:
Occupational Outlook Website:
Kansas CityMO School District:

Homework Helpers and Reference Databases
Kansas City MO Public Library:
Mid-Continent Public Library:


St. Vincent’s Family Service Center/Operation Breakthrough:

Parent Resources

If you have any questions, need further assistance, or would like to see additional information on this page, please contact DeLaSalle Education Center at (816) 561-4445.

For information on enrolling a student at DeLaSalle, contact Lori Peters at (816) 561-4445 ext. 230.

Education Resources

Adult Basic Education:
Kauffman Scholars Program:
Sites for Parents:
Metropolitan Community Colleges:
UMKC Communiversity:
Kansas City MO Public Library:
Mid-Continent Public Library:

Community Resources

Truman Medical Center – Hospital Hill:
Children’s Mercy Hospital:
Swope Health Services:
St. Vincent’s Family Service Center/Operation Breakthrough:

Parenting Resources

Parenting Magazine:
Scholastic Parents Magazine:

Title 1.A Plan

Title I.A Plan

Parent and Family Engagement

DLS School-Parent-and-Family-Engagement-Policy__2017-18

School-Parent Compact

DLS School-Parent-Compact-2017

ESSA Complaint Procedures

ESSA Complaint Procedures

Schoolwide Program Plan

Schoolwide Plan

“Volunteering at DeLaSalle has been an amazing experience. It’s a wonderful feeling relating to students and feel that I am really making a difference. I feel as if I have touched lives”