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Enrolling for the 2019-2020 School Year: Visit SchoolAppKC 

DeLaSalle Education Center is one of 16 Kansas City charter schools working to simplify our initial application process into one easy form, SchoolAppKC, that you can fill out on any electronic device.

The easy 8-question application allows you to apply to DeLaSalle Education Center in less than 5 minutes and makes applying to schools easier, more transparent.

Enrolling for the 2018-2019 School Year

Fill out the Enrollment Form and call Lori Peters at 816-437-9739 to schedule your enrollment appointment.

DeLaSalle enrolls students throughout the school year.  Students must live in the Kansas City, Missouri School District boundaries & have a minimum of six credits to be considered.

If your student is looking to join the Missouri Option program, please submit the DeLaSalle Missouri Option Program Enrollment Form instead. 


Admissions Non-discrimination Policy

DeLaSalle prohibits discrimination against any potential student on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, income level, proficiency in the English language or any other legally protected characteristics. DeLaSalle commits to the principle of equal opportunity, especially in all aspects of student services.

Enrollment Steps

Fill out the DeLaSalle Education Center 2018-2019 Enrollment Form.

Schedule an Enrollment Appointment with Ms. Lori Peters. 

Please bring the following information to your enrollment appointment:

• Birth certificate;
• Social Security Card;
• Proof of Address (Utility Bill/Rental or Lease Agreement);
• Immunization Records (must be up to date);
• Transcript/All Testing i.e.-EOC/Attendance/Discipline records and Withdrawal records (only if accepted to DeLaSalle) from last school attended;
• If student is receiving Special Education Services or has an active IEP you must bring a copy of their active IEP with Diagnostics with you at time of enrollment;
• If student is living with someone other than his/her legal parents, you must have a notarized Proof of Guardianship/Power of Attorney; and
• $10.00 Non-refundable Supply Fee (CASH ONLY).

All required documentation must be provided at time of enrollment into DeLaSalle Charter School or your enrollment request may be delayed or denied.


Every student is partnered with an academic-social counselor who works with them to successfully graduate.  Discovery, our orientation program, assesses students’ educational, emotional and behavioral needs.

Graduation Requirements

To receive a high school diploma, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requires each student to earn 24 credits in:

• English/Language Arts (4 credits)
• Social Studies (3 credits)
• Mathematics, including 1 credit in algebra (3 credits)
• Science (3 credits)
• Practical Arts (1 credit)
• Fine Arts (1 credit)
• Physical Education/Health (1.5 credits)
• Personal Finance (0.5 credit)
• Electives (7 credits)

In addition, DeLaSalle students must also:
• pass U.S. Constitution test
• complete the required community service hours
• pass end of course exams
• take the ACT test
• complete senior seminar