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Volunteers come to DeLaSalle to change the lives of our students—only to find that along the way our students have changed their lives too. You can make an impact on DeLaSalle students by working directly with students and teachers through tutoring and mentoring, you can help with special fundraising events, or provide support for any of our special programs and activities

Student and Classroom Tutors

DeLaSalle prides itself on the individual attention teachers give our students. Though many of our students are right where they should be academically, many of them are several grade levels behind in math, reading or science and can greatly benefit from one – on – one tutoring. Also, a tutor can help in a teacher’s classroom by helping students with assignments, answering student questions and helping the teacher as requested. Tutors will either be matched with a student or a teacher and work with the appropriate teacher to determine what help. In the event a student who has been assigned a tutor is not in school on any given day, the tutor must be willing to work in the classroom with the teacher or provide services to another student that may need extra help that day.

Tutors must be encouraging, supportive, patient, flexible and tolerant of student differences. The tutor must be able to commit at least one hour a week during the school day for at least a full semester. Tutors will need to pass a background screening and attend an orientation in the fall or spring.

Career and College Exploration

DeLaSalle is committed to preparing our students for the next step after graduation. Some of our graduates head to college while some join the workforce. Whichever direction they choose to go in, DeLaSalle will help them explore their options.

We’ve found that a very effective method to aid in this exploration is to have volunteers talk about their own college and career choices and share their expertise. Volunteers are needed to come to school to speak or if applicable, demonstrate, on topics ranging from college preparedness to demonstrations of their specific career.
Here are some examples of past volunteer career and college explorations –
• A Registered Nurse spent an hour discussing and demonstrating her job. She showed DeLaSalle students stethoscopes and gave them an example problem of measuring out medications to patients. She also discussed what education was necessary to become a nurse.

• A group of business professionals worked with students on a goal setting activity. They shared their experiences on they goals they had set for themselves to become successful throughout their lives.

These are special activities that require planning and coordination with the Volunteer Coordinator and academic staff. If you thinking you have a meaningful experience or demonstration for DeLaSalle students, please present your proposal to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Special Events

Pumpkin Patch – October 8, 2016

DeLaSalle Jr. Board members hold the Pumpkin Patch for DeLaSalle in Brookside Park each fall. This free event for families gives the community a opportunity to come together for music, food and entertainment.

26th Annual Movie Benefit – February 23, 2017

Movie Benefit for DeLaSalle is a glittering evening of fun featuring a surprise screening of a new major Hollywood movie.

Programs at DeLaSalle

DeLaSalle has several experiential and/or after school programs that require special skills and experience. A member of the development team can tell you more about these programs and discuss if any of them would be a good fit for you or your company –

• PACES (Parent and Child Education Support)
Art Club
• Culinary Arts