It takes talent and heart to be a teacher, maybe even more so for instructors at DeLaSalle.  Your gift “Helps a Teacher to Help a Student” and every donation makes a difference! Examples* of the impact your gift can have at DeLaSalle are outlined below.

Help a Teacher, Help a Student

Help our students get the education they deserve. Help a teacher, help a student.




Some students at DeLaSalle understand core academic subject matter but have not regularly attended school in the past so they never earned credit for a given class.  That is where DeLaSalle assistant academic director Kelly Lightcap steps in,

I really like helping the kids learn on their own.  It is important to teach skills like note taking, test taking, planning and keeping track of assignments while they catch up on missed credits.”

Ms. Lightcap  knows that in addition to specialized academic programs like Plato, DeLaSalle’s holistic services like the on-site child development center and the Team of Care mental health services help students deal with other problems. That is critical because those problems directly impact student learning.  Will you help Ms. Lightcap help our students towards a better future? 



Ms. Kerns knows she has made a difference when a student comes up and gives her a hug or when she reads a letter from a graduate. She loves to teach PE and Healthy Lif

estyles because the students love it and it is fun. ”I became a teacher because I love young people! The diverse backgrounds of DeLaSalle students and their strength make them special!”

“I do programs in Healthy Lifestyles that teach students how to form good habits and how to respect themselves.  In PE, we do a lot of dance and drum routines on trash cans. I teach units of various sports …we do a lot of cool stuff!”

 Ms. Kerns motivates and energizes the students at DeLaSalle. Will you help her prepare our students to lead healthy productive lives?


Mr. Wright sees a little of himself in the students he teaches at DeLaSalle. He grew up in an inner city environment and credits his success to the teachers and coaches he had in school.

“Kids see their teachers more than their parents. It takes daily positive interactions to make a difference.”

Can you help Mr. Wright help his students?

Your contribution can make a difference in the life of one student for one social studies class or for an entire classroom. Click here to find out how!