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Through personalized education, holistic services, and workforce development through experiential learning, we help our students address and overcome the life barriers that stand in the way of their academic success.

Our students come to DeLaSalle because a traditional school environment did not meet their needs.

Some of our students perform below their potential; others are on or above target academically. Some students battle addiction, mental illness, and abuse. Others are young parents, face an unstable home environment, live at or below the poverty line or are unmotivated to learn.

Traditional schools don’t have the resources to help these students.

There are very few mental health counseling services, support or treatment programs for students with drug or alcohol dependencies, parenting education programs or severe remediation for students who are academically behind.

DeLaSalle provides that support.

We give these young men and women the tools they need to realize their true potential. With educational and behavioral health services onsite, DeLaSalle gives our students another, and sometimes last, opportunity to complete their high school education.

How do we measure success?

While we measure traditional academic performance through the state of Missouri End of Course exams and the Northwest Evaluation Association measurement, we know that for DeLaSalle students, that’s only a small part of the bigger picture.

We also look at indicators that reflect our students’ individual academic growth and progress toward their personal goals. Those include:

In partnership with the University of Missouri –Kansas City, our charter school sponsor, and with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, we have incorporated significant standards of academic accountability to ensure that all DeLaSalle students achieve at high levels of learning. These standards are thoughtful, consistent and measurable, commensurate or exceeding all existing state standards, and are regularly reported to all stakeholders through our annual report.

How are we doing?

Who do we serve?

“DeLaSalle gave me a second chance. I’ve taken that chance and I’m running with it. They’ve taught me to ask more of myself and dream bigger than I had before.”