Board of Directors

Our students work for what they earn; they work for their education and the opportunities it brings. Our board of directors, faculty, staff and volunteers believe our students deserve a quality education and we work hard to hold open the doors to their success.


David Oliver, Berkowitz Oliver LLP


Lisa Krigsten, Dentons


Deidre Andersion, United Inner City Services

David Desai-Ramirez, IFF

Scott Ferber, IBM

Vicki Stofer, Trozollo Communications

Honorary Board

Mrs. Beverly Rose, Chairperson
Ms. Kay Waldo Barnes
Mr. Byron Beck
U.S. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II
Mr. Tim Clemons
Mrs. Joni Beechen Cohen
Mr. Keith Copaken
Mr. Jack L. Cotton
Mr. Stephen D. Dunn
Mr. Darrell E. Franklin
Hon. Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr.
Mr. Lou Kaucic
Mrs. Christine C. Kemper
Mrs. Joyce Letts
Ms. Linda M. McDougall
Mr. Ralph D. Reid
Mr. Robert J. Reintjes, Sr.
Mr. Jerome O. Riffel
Mr. Michael T. White
Mrs. Judith Whittaker

“I have a special place in my heart for DeLaSalle because it's located in my old neighborhood and I believe I experienced the challenges that some of your students must deal with today. "