DeLaSalle: Taking Pride in Education

Students choose DeLaSalle Education Center because they’re ready to own their lives, choose their futures, and achieve their promise. And we’re ready to help them.

DeLaSalle is a tuition-free, charter high school in Kansas City, Missouri, that serves students between the ages of 14 and 20 years old who need an alternative to the traditional school. We are one of the only high schools in the Kansas City metropolitan area that provides alternative education and behavioral health services onsite, giving students critical and ready access to the help they need.

Since 1971, we’ve provided that alternative to the traditional high school setting, offering personalized education, holistic services, and workforce development through experiential learning to help our students focus on their possibilities, not their obstacles.

Together with our parents, directors, community partners, staff, and faculty, we hold open the doors to opportunity, helping our students clear and build their path toward success.

When Krysteena needs extra help from a teacher, she has it. When she needs someone to talk to, she’s heard.